Here you can safely trade your items in exchange for gold coins (Zen) or game bonuses (Bonuses), so before buying a certain item you get a reliable description, so you are insured against fraud. All sales in the market are subject to 16% fees.

Exc. Manticore Slayer Boots +15 DeViL 80 16.08.2022 16:00

Found items
Helms Exc. Red Spirit Helm 17 Bon.
Helms Exc. Flash Helm 12 Bon.
Items Condor Flame 81 Bon.
Wings Wings of Despair +9 26 Bon.
Gloves Argo's Spirit Gloves 6 Bon.
Maces Frost Runic Mace 23 Bon.
Boots Exc. Light Plate Boots 15 Bon.
Maces Exc. El Hazard Mace 10 Bon.
Gloves Exc. Mage Sphinx Gloves 6 Bon.
Other Talisman Element Change 124 Bon.
Gloves Exc. Silk Gloves 6 Bon.
Gloves Exc. Leather Gloves 22 Bon.
Pants Exc. Mage Pad Pants 6 Bon.
Armors Tigris Armor 6 Bon.
Pants BA DW Bloodangel Wizard Pants 4.64 kkk Zen.
Armors Exc. Dark Phoenix Armor 3.48 kkk Zen.
Boots Bragi's Dark Phoenix Boots 258 Zen.
Gloves Exc. Dark Soul Gloves +13 2.58 k Zen.
Boots Exc. Manticore Wizard Boots +13 644 Bon.
Armors Exc. Great Dragon Armor 58 Bon.
Armors Exc. Flash Armor 50 Bon.
Armors Exc. Mage Kanaz Armor 46 Bon.
Gloves Exc. Hurricane Gloves 41 Bon.
Wings Wings of Spirit 35 Bon.
Helms Exc. Sate Helm 23 Bon.
Swords Exc. Bloodangel Claws +9 50 Bon.
Shields Anas's Vis Shield 58 Bon.
Helms BA ELF Bloodangel Elf Helm 12 Bon.
Wings Cape of Overrule +7 464 Bon.
Swords Exc. Fury Claw +7 174 Bon.
Wings Wings of Hit 928 Bon.
Wings Cloak of Limit +15 180 Bon.
Swords Pandora Pick 6 Bon.
Boots Royal Boots 12 Bon.
Boots Exc. Manticore Lord Boots +14 58 Bon.
Armors Exc. Princie Armor 58 Bon.
Shields Exc. Vis Shield +12 232 Bon.
Items Exc. Ring of Magic 116 Bon.
Boots Exc. Nightwing Boots +9 12 Zen.
Boots Exc. Hirat Boots 12 Zen.
Armors Exc. Hirat Armor 12 Zen.
Maces Exc. Great Lord Scepter 12 Bon.
Armors Gaion's Storm Crow Armor 14 Bon.
Swords Pandora Pick 9 Bon.
Other Green Chaos Box 7 Bon.
Swords Exc. Bone Blade 12 Bon.
Swords Exc. Bone Blade 12 Bon.