Here you can safely trade your characters in exchange for game bonuses (bonuses), so before buying a certain character you get a reliable description, so you are insured against fraud. All sales in the characters market are subject to 20% fees. After buying a character you won't be able to resell it within 30 days and you would not receive any referral bonuses for it.


Found characters
Sanji High Elf 82 30 120 Bonuses
Kuanh9x Soul Master 5 2 1,199 Bonuses
cayzenVN Slayer 18 0 24 Bonuses
ducga212 Magic Gladiator 14 4 12 Bonuses
GoodLuck Dark Lord 6 5 12 Bonuses
n0Non0 Muse Elf 10 6 12 Bonuses