Here you can safely trade your characters in exchange for game bonuses (bonuses), so before buying a certain character you get a reliable description, so you are insured against fraud. All sales in the characters market are subject to 20% fees. After buying a character you won't be able to resell it within 30 days and you would not receive any referral bonuses for it.


Found characters
Mist Soul Wizard 1 30 12 Bonuses
Adam High Guncrusher 171 87 3,998 Bonuses
Iphone4s Luminous Wizard 9 72 500 Bonuses
Extreme Soul Wizard 111 77 780 Bonuses
SHARK777 Shining Lancer 185 87 840 Bonuses
PeAc High Elf 1 26 300 Bonuses
Reflect Shine Wizard 58 26 300 Bonuses