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05.05.20 Update #2
This update is all about balance.

Almost all skills have nerfed. A little bit increasing character defense and PvP rate defense. This was necessary to bring in PvP more action and variability. Instead PvE damage for all classes have upped, especially classes who have problem with leveling up. If your class after update now has lower PvE damage then before, please write about this. Your nick, how much was before, how much is now, in which map. Detailed information will be very helpful, to make additional tests and hotfixes.

This is only the second part of creating balance. On Friday will be the second part of the update, which will bring some bug fixes, improvements, and hotfixes for balance. So we are waiting for your feedback about these changes.
24.04.20 Update #1
Some minor fixes, like the opportunity to throw out non-valuable items e.t.c.
Wrong gates and level requirements in Dungeon, Ferea, and other maps.
Problem, when slayer couldn'tequip pet unicorn. Also from now on, you can sell to theNPCexpired unicorns.
Ruud skills, which didn't appearedafter reset.
In maps, Abyss of Atlans and Scorched Canyon zen bug is fixed.
Jewels from Moss Lottery now you can use in chaos machine.
PK clear value back to the 5kk zen.
Description of Event entry time and Event entry-level now is correct.

Improvements and new features:
Now Vulcanus map is our new RUUD farm zone. Different ruud snakes now re-spawn there. Each snake hasitsown amount of ruud, re-spawn time and HP. Even low resetplayers can start hunting on them. Also one time per day,Bloody Orc will appear, from which you can obtain 5000 ruud. More about this you can read here.

Instead of Iron riders in VIParena,Dead diggers wereadded.
Extra gold rabbits and gold budge dragons were added toEmbeland map.
Majestic experience have increased till x250.
On the website now you can sell and buy characters for zen or bonuses.

Instead of a chaotic drop in blood castle 1-4, we reworked excellent items drop on this event. To keep excellent items price on high value, the chance of items drop on the event has decreased.Now we have this hierarchy:
Level 1-2: excellent drop like from Box of kundun +1
Level 3-4: excellent drop like from Box of kundun +2
Level 5: excellent drop like from Box of kundun +3
Level 6: excellent drop like from Box of kundun +4
Level 7: excellent drop like from Box of kundun +5

This is the first step to thetotally reworked balance.
The most discussions about PVP was attack speed cap problem. A few thousands of agility will giveplayers the opportunity to start KS and killing players with a higher amount ofresets. So, first and major change - removed speed cap and increased amount of necessary agility to gain 1 attack speed. Also, some classes hadtoo manyoverpower skills, which wereseveraltimes stronger than other classes skills. About other changes you can read here.

We have conducted tests, but afterdisablingthe attack cap, a lot of things were changed. So now we need your suggestions and reports about these changes.

In the next updates, we will continue fixing bugs, making improvements, and workingespecially with balance.
Also, soon, thenext 50 quests will be added.

We wanna say thank you, the first 2 weeks were hard for us, but your support words were really helpful for us.

Server opening times:

12:30 UTC -3 (Brazil, Argentina)
16:30 UTC +1 (UK)
17:30 UTC +2 (Spain, Poland, Hungary, Italy)
18:30 UTC +3 (East Europe, Greece, Turkey)
22:30 UTC +7 (Vietnam, Thailand)
23:30 UTC +8 (Philippines)

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The advertising campaign is unprecedented. We are planning to attract a multitude of new players and significantly increase our MUX Legend community.

Detailed information about the server is available here.

New server Prime x5000 will open on April 9th!

During the development process of this project, we have been investigating other analogs and noticed that they are almost identical. We highlighted 5 main disadvantages of other servers, fixed them and turned them into our unique features.

1. Servers, which are made based on copypaste principle.

Problem: from the first minutes spent on the server, it can be noticed, that it is not configured. For example, the quest system of Shadow Phantom. It exists and works on the default settings. Do you need to receive 200 exp on the server with x1000 rates? Evonum monsters, which do not drop anything? Slayer items can't be found in Lorencia?

Our solution: everything, that exists in-game, has to have some purpose. For example, we disabled the Shadow Phantom quest system. Our exclusive quest system works instead.

2. Promises of donating absence and investments instability.

Problem: promise of donating shop absence on the web-site, though it is just transmitted to in-game x-shop. FO +15 wings, pentagrams, mastery weapons, RUUD, jewels, which make items +15 instantly or add excellent options. This is pay2win. The final question remains, how long will it take before such an awesome game server will be permanently closed?

Our solution: in this topic, you can read our donate policy and safety of your accounts and items.

3. Huge online numbers.

Problem: on the website, you can see huge numbers of players in-game, although they are just off-trade characters. I think you are all familiar with the feeling, when entering the Event market map, instead of enjoyable searching for goods, slide-show begins.

Our solution: full server statistics can be seen, just by pressing on it. As for off-traders, here you can read about our Zen economy. Advanced marketplace, with the comfortable search of necessary item system and virtual vault, will help you quickly look for and buy items, even when the character is in-game.

4. Lack of information.

Problem: entering the website of almost every server, it seems clear, that we cannot receive any information about it. How long does it work, what configuration does it has, the total absence of forum, useful guidelines and support/ It seems admins of such servers don't like their players.

Our solution: even if you never played MU Online, with our guides you can start to play without any problems. If you have any questions, our team will help you on forum, Discord, Facebook or telegram.

5. Servers do not offer anything new.

Problem: summarize the first 4 paragraphs and add the last one - lack of changes and innovations. There is not much to add.

Our solution: we are trying to bring our vision. Custom bosses, changed maps, new systems, and events. We plan to introduce new novelties progressively since on the server there are already plenty of things to do. It is time to play MU, not mu Helper.