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The new Apollo x200 server will launch on May 9th!
We don't make any wipes at all. Your items will always be with you.
Latest update patcher is always available here.
If you see squares in-game, instead of letters, install this font.

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100 players on the Dragon server already took a maximum reset, so this is a perfect time to introduce a reworked "Hero reset" system!
First of all - now for every "Hero reset" the player automatically receives one of the following prizes:

  • Flame of Condor - 4%

  • Purple chaos box - 26%

  • Red chaos box - 30%

  • TOCA - 40%

Secondly, the requirement of receiving a "Rising hero" buff for the guild has been decreased. For example, now if you have 30 guild members, your guild will need to pass the 10 "Hero resets". We want to remind you, that the characteristics of this buff are the same as per the guild quest - increase damage and absorb by 5%.
A small increase in experience for the Hero resets. Now it is static 3.5x.
Small but pleasant addition for the VIP members. If you will make 5 "Hero reset" in the 30-day time slot - you will receive 1 random MUUN, but not more than 1 in 30 days. A full description of the reworked "Hero reset" system you can read here.
We hope these changes will stimulate players to try a "Hero reset".

The New Ashy Aida season will be launched the next Monday. Ashy Aida event is an alternative to "Hero reset", and won't be fair if only 1 system will receive a rework. So this week you can focus on the "Hero reset" system and next week, you will try a reworked Ashy Aida event. Details will be publicized next Monday.

MUX Items stock house. After the start of development, it was decided to temporarily stop for further conceptual refinement.

Easy start for new players.
Dragon x500 server opened its doors 1 month ago, and if you missed the opening, now is the perfect time to start playing.

All new characters upon creation now receive a +25% experience buff for 7 days and 2000 additional stat points that will last you for the first 10 resets. Thanks to our simplified reset system, the first 75 resets can be done before level 400. The system is dynamic and every few days the level required for a reset will gradually decrease. Now you can do your first reset at level 344!

Server Dragon now has a one-off discount on a VIP account - if you have never purchased VIP, then at the first purchase it will cost you 300 web bonuses instead of 400 for 30 days.

Call your friends and do not forget to use the referral reward system. You can get your referral link in your account on the website.

When your referral donates bonuses, you and your referral will receive an additional + 10% of the transfer amount, but no more than 500 bonuses per person. You can track the number of bonuses earned from each referral in your account in the referrals section.

The new MUX Legend Dragon x500 server is now open! Welcome and have fun!

Dragon x500 will launch on October 26th, but this update will be for all servers!

MUX items stock exchange. A new system which resolves a lot of current problems with the items. Right now we have 14 different classes. Some of them are more popular, some less. But items are dropping for everyone, and items with the same grade and options can have a big difference in the price on the market. A lot of items are sold to the NPC because they are useless. Welcome - Items stock exchange!

This system gives you an opportunity to sell excellent set items and shields to the items stock exchange and receive points for it. For these points, you will be able to choose any set items/shield in any class and receive a new item with random luck and random 1-3 options. The feature of this system is not only of this. Price on selling and buying items will change in real-time, depending on sales and purchase demand. Example:
Players sell Dragon items 100 times but buy them 200 times. The price of buying increased by 50%
Players sell Sate items 100 times but buy them 30 times. The price of buying decreased by 70%
This system launch date is currently unknown.
For more about this system, you can read here.
MUX Legend Season 18
Big rework of the MUUN system. Now all muuns are tradable, have levels, and only valuable options - increase maximum damage and increase defense.
Digits on muuns have been modified, to balance these 2 options, because before the attack muuns were too powerful, while the defense muuns weren't.
Now all muuns will drop with level 1 and can be upgraded to level 5. The "evolved" version of the muuns will have the same options as level 5 muun. Receive "Evolved" version of muun you can via "Skin service". All pets starting from now will drop in the 2nd group of the lottery.We take all zen muuns, and pay 4kkk zen on your virtual zen vault for each of them. This is a necessary action to improve the muun system and we hope, that you understand this step. Detailed information about the reworked MUUN's system you can read here.

Reworked of the default ancient sets. Most of them were removed, others have been modified and some of them are absolutely new.
All sets will be an excellent choice for the game start, especially C tier, which can be a good alternative for a long PvE play. For more information about changes, you can read here.

Changes in the additional options for excellent sets and shields. Now +all stats option will be on level +14, +HP option on the +15. +Defense option was removed. Reason for removal - too much defense, especially on the high-tier sets, because sets themselves give pretty much defense, especially with a full set bonus on +15, which gives an extra 30% of the defense.
Also changes in the reflect option. Now it will be 2% instead of 4%. And socket sets 4% instead of 6%. During our test, we noticed, that sets with reflect option and without it changing the situation upside down. 2% is the golden middle, where it is still very good, but not insanely powerful. No worries, Excellent sets are still a good decision.
Temporally 4% reflect on Sega server has been returned. After balance check reflect will be returned to the 2%

Nice news for the Prime server players. Prime servers receive an achievement system, which we're using on the Sega. Now starting from 100 points you can earn prizes. The more pleasant moment is that Prime players can now receive all of these rewards if they already have more than 100 points.
Classes MG, DL, RF & GL now have the same stats count, as other classes. Also, the Prime quest system now is the same, as on Sega. Please set up your stats once over. Also on the Prime server, we've reworked the balance in PvE and PvP a bit. Now the situation must be better. Changes in balance will be uploaded in live time mode due this week.
Good news for new players of the Prime and Sega servers. Dynamic experience has been removed, and majestic experience now is boosted up x2. An extra benefit for new Prime players - a reduced amount of monsters in the quest system. This will help you to catch up with old players.

MUX Legend Season 18
Fenrir rework. I think all players can agree, that Fenrir's creation system is boring and nervous. Crywolf becomes a place, where players leave their twinks characters, and after time Fenrir's value drops down. Also who likes to lose everything on the last step with a 30% chance? Here is the resolution for both problems.
First of all - Crywolf becomes a PK-free map and now there will be only 5 spots around the fortress. Hero scout and the werewolf will spawn around the whole map and will be like mini-bosses, from which you will obtain only Fenrir ingredients. This will encourage active players to farm it in real-time but also leave an opportunity for all players to farm it and make their own fenrirs or sell parts to other players. The second changes - success rates. Previous 70% - 50% - 30% changes to the 40% - 60% - 80%. Most important steps now have higher success rate.

For the end, some extra changes and fixes:
/ware command time reduced to 3 seconds.
Removed majestic PvE circles. Now spots will be much less lags.
Self Defense getting activated in unexpected situations preventing normal PvP flow.
Gremory case sometimes does not open after the Personal Store transaction.
The disabled visual effect of selected skills/buffs during the Chaos Castle event to prevent targeting abuse in PvP.
Punish in PvE now has a 1-second cooldown. This will prevent situations when characters can use weak but very speedful skills and take bosses just because of the provoke of the "punishment" option.

Please run your launcher to receive auto-update and see all in-game changes.
If you have a problem with the launcher, please use Patcher to upgrade the client manually.

Dragon x500 - This new high-rate server with no aggressive dynamic experience and new system "MUX items Stockhouse", reworked the Ashy Aida event and MUUN system, and all our special stuff, including Chaos Soul system, reworked Quest and Achievement systems, and all other exclusive customs, which you won't find on other Season 18 servers.

Information about MUX Items Stockhouse, MUUNs, and other changes will be available in the next week's update. These changes will appear on all servers.

The achievement system covers all aspects of gameplay, including world exploration, PvE, PvP, events, craft, and trading. For completing achievements, players are rewarded with a special buff and valuable prizes. Detailed information about changes can be found here.

Big changes in the Castle Siege. Castle owners will receive 60% of the castle treasury, second place 40% of the treasury. In addition to the treasury, we assign a prize fund from the administration in the amount of $5,000. Each siege, until the prize pool is exhausted, the winner will receive 4000 bonuses, the guild runner-up 2000 bonuses. In case, if the winning guild defends their castle, the offensive guilds will receive a special buff for the next castle siege event. We are expected to see a hot Castle siege event.

Consecutive in-game Quest System with more than 299+ missions. For competing tasks, you receive Zen, Wcoins, Jewels, loot boxes, RUUD, and additional stat points.

Set Bonus - MUX Legend special exclusive custom - permanent buff on your character that benefits from the items you are wearing. buff is calculated from 7 item slots: helm, armor, pants, boots, gloves, weapons, and shield. More about the "set bonus" buff you can read here.

Guild quests - event in which participate all guilds are on the server. Receive items, and boxes and make your guild stronger with a special "Guild buff" with different levels. More about this system you can read here.

Server opening times:

12:00 UTC -3 (Brazil, Argentina)
16:00 UTC +1 (UK)
17:00 UTC +2 (Poland, Spain, Hungary, Czechia)
18:00 UTC +3 (East Europe, Greece, Turkey)
22:00 UTC +7 (Vietnam, Thailand)
23:00 UTC +8 (Philippines)

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Main facts about our project here.
Our game worlds feature full list you can find here.
Full information about the server, more detailed changes, and reset table you can find here.

New server Dragon x500 will launch on October 26 at 18:00!

MU Online mergeThe time has come, when Angel server residents are going on trip - MUX Legend Angel is merging with MUX Legend Sega.

Players from the Angel server will be moved to Sega. Your characters with items, resets, and bonuses will be transferred intact. Merge will happen on 13 September.

Servers will be offline from 14:00 till around 20:00+

Full information regarding all the merge details, full instructions, and recommendations are here.