Angel Sega Prime

Here you can see the history of all Castle Sieges held on the server, information about the participants and the winners.

Last week 1 Bonuses were awarded to the winning guild Eternals.

Castle has been successfully protected 1 times in a row, attacking side will receive a buff on the next siege.

Aggressive Siege

Increase Damage +5%
Absorb Damage +5%
Increase Excellent Damage +50
Increase Maximum Life +1500

Castle Siege History
04.06.2023 Eternals Registration
28.05.2023 Eternals Eternals Defended
21.05.2023 Eternals RICHMOND Taken
14.05.2023 RICHMOND Eternals Taken
07.05.2023 Eternals Eternals Defended
30.04.2023 Eternals Eternals Defended
23.04.2023 Eternals Eternals Defended
16.04.2023 Eternals Eternals Defended
09.04.2023 Eternals Eternals Defended
02.04.2023 Eternals Eternals Defended
26.03.2023 Eternals Eternals Defended
19.03.2023 Eternals REFRESH Taken
12.03.2023 REFRESH zVNGz Taken
05.03.2023 zVNGz zVNGz Defended
26.02.2023 zVNGz zVNGz Defended
19.02.2023 zVNGz zVNGz Defended
12.02.2023 zVNGz zVNGz Defended
05.02.2023 zVNGz HEROES Taken
29.01.2023 HEROES WeSTARs Taken
22.01.2023 WeSTARs HEROES Taken
15.01.2023 HEROES WeSTARs Taken
08.01.2023 WeSTARs zVNGz Taken
01.01.2023 zVNGz HEROES Taken
25.12.2022 HEROES HEROES Defended
18.12.2022 HEROES HEROES Defended
11.12.2022 HEROES HEROES Defended
04.12.2022 HEROES CrystaL Taken
27.11.2022 CrystaL Taken