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31.07.20 Update #7
Game improvements and changes:
New boss - Great dragon. He will land every day somewhere in Embeland at 19:15. The luckiest player, who will find and kill him first, will receive a highly valuable drop - Excellent Blood angel weapon or random amount of RUUD (from 1000 till 15000)

Restrictions, regarding Damage decrease and 3 options in craft system were removed from the website.
The last 2 spots on the VIP arena were changed. Now Deep dungeon hell spider and Deep dungeon Gorgon are there. But don't worry, experience, gained from them, will be more, than on previous spots.
Tier 8 sets for Grow lancer, Rune wizard, and Slayer now are slightly better. Defense and durability are similar to other tier 8 sets.
Golden rabbit respawn coordinates changed. Now their respawn became less predictable.

A lot of pain is coming from Crywolf city. This is the second city after Devias by kill counts, Fenrir parts drop not that often, and after that, there is a need to meet up with chaos goblin...
So we wanna make the life of our players slightly easier, and make their first step to the world of PvP a bit faster.
Crywolf now isn't a free-pk zone.

Parts of Fenrir will drop slightly more often.
Increase chances of stages
1st stage is 80% instead of 75%
2nd stage is 60% instead of 50%
3rd stage is 45% instead of 30%

These features were added earlier, but now you can store and trade your RUUD boxes.
Removed "Final 5 minutes" restriction from Blood castle. Now you can return the quest item to Archangel at any time. But don't forget about players, who are leveling up!
In Blood castle and Devias square drop of zen is disabled. This may increase your PC performance and no need to change settings in "Mu Helper" during the event.

Now you can obtain a "Socket item box" from the "Zen lottery". Chance is the similar to TOCA item.
Increased chance of getting better options on seeds. Now you will receive seeds for set items more often, then weapon seeds.

Fixed problem with Nix and Ferea bosses, when you couldn't enter boss zones.
Problem with 3 level wings variability, and low chance of receiving luck on them.
Fixed Wrath Mastery buff, which wasn't, working when applied more than once.
Elemental damage for Slayer fixed. Now it depends on your strength, not on energy stats.
Some other minor bug fixes.

We are starting to investigate more deeplythe necessities of the balance, but this might take much more time than we can expect.

Classes GL, MG, and DL now became more balanced. There weren't any changes with their skills or defense/attack formulas, just % of damage in PVP in comparison to other classes.
Slayer is another big trouble. We'veworked also with them, but problems were deeper, so Slayer will receive a bit different mechanics now.
Bat flock damage was significantly decreased. Instead, DOT damage (damage over time) wassignificantly increased. Also increased time of Bat flock debuff from 3 to 6 seconds.
The main reason for these changes -unpredictable damage and serious lags.
Elemental damage for some of the classes was decreased but increased for some other classes. Now it should be more equal among them.
Increased Damage decrease cap till 68%.
Please keep in mind: these balance changes aren't final and can be changed.

This is only the first part of this big update. In the next 1-2 weeks, we will try to resolve the main problems with balance and balance all other classes.
Will be a rework of socket items, to increase their popularity among the players, and rework of excellent items drop from monsters, and next part of quest system and other stuff.

Also, don't forget about our in-game and forum quests. You can find their schedule on our forum and in the Discord channel.

Please run launcher to receive an auto-update. If you have a problem with the launcher, you can download our patch here.
03.07.20 Update #6
Game improvements and changes:
The mini-games are back in the game.
You can find card pieces in drop from all monsters in-game. Ready Card deck you can find from one of 3Fire Flame ghost, which will spawn in Lorencia, Devias, Noria, and Embeland each hour. Also Card deck was added in x-shop.
In these mini-games, you can win different count of Jewels and RUUD. More about mini-games you can read here.

New golden monster in Vulcanus - Golden golem. He will respawn every 2 hours with other goldens and gives you 2500 RUUD after killing.
Increasing count of RUUD snakes. Now will be 6 RUUD snakes instead of 5.
Slightly increasing drop of Gemstone in Kanturu relic.
In Lottery with lottery coin, now instead Jewel of Chaos now will be Jewel of Harmony.
Now you can sell in a personal store and trading Elena letter.
Some minor bug fixes.
Fixed description of Spirit of Guardian. This pet reduce damage not only from monsters, but also in PvP from players.

We starting to rework master and majestic skill tree, to make it more profitable and variable. Changes:
The numbers are on 20 points.
Maximum SD increase: 3831 -> 10000
Defense increase: 183-> 450
Stats increase: 108 -> 500
3rd wings def&pow: 90 -> 325
HP & SD restores:4.18% -> 2%
HP boost: 1209 -> 5000
Max life increase: 766 -> 2500
Maximum and minimum attack power increase: 53 -> 250

Mostly these changes were in green and blue branches. Now we need to check, how these changes will be reflected on gameplay, and in future will continue to make improvements in master and majestic skill trees.There can be some visual bug at the first point.

Balance changes:
Reduces Haste of Rune wizard for 50%.
Now Rune Wizard needs 30 agility for 1 attack speed, instead of 35 earlier.
Rage fighter receives a little bit up in HP buff and slightly increase PVE damage.
Slayers receive much more higher Elemental damage. But in this case better to say, that this is a bug fix.

Change all attack speed on gloves. Now each 8 tiers have its own attack speed on gloves.
Tier 1: 5 attack speed
Tier 2: 10attack speed
Tier 3: 20attack speed
Tier 4: 35attack speed
Tier 5: 55attack speed
Tier 6: 85attack speed
Tier 7: 120 attack speed
Tier 8: 175 attack speed
Mastery and socket gloveshave 175 attack speed. Upgraded socket items have 200 attack speed. About sets tier you can read here.

In the next updates, we will continue to improve gameplay moments, and especially will work with balance in PvP.

Please run launcher to receive an auto-update. If you have a problem with the launcher, you can download our patch here.
11.06.20 Update #5
Website improvements and changes:
On web market now class filter started to work. Just press on your class (above the item categories) and you will receive a list of items, only your class can use. Also now excellent option appears on excellent rings and pendants. Ancient items are displayed in blue. Soon we will continueto improve web market.
Now you can change your game and forum password at the same service on the website. It's agreat time to join our forum, because forum quests have started. Also in the Event section, you can find the schedule of in-game quests. For both in-game and forum quests, you can receive easy bonuses, which you can spend on services or exchange them to the Wcoins.

Disconnect function on the website was also added. It's convenient when you left character on AFK somewhere, and you need to enter the game from other PC.
New service Revenge time.With this service, you can find out, who have killed you last time. Exactly time of death, map, and nickname of the player who did it. Its in revenge time.

Added a few new tops and rankings.
Online ranking - The 50 players, who spend in the game more time than others, now receive extra bonuses.
Top killers - It's an informative ranking, where you can find top killer, top victim, MVP PvP player, and the most dangerous and safes map list.
Top earners - The most active and determined players who managed to earn the highest amount of bonuses thanks to trade, voting, resets, rankings, referrals and contests.

Game improvements and changes:
Big changes in Elemental pentagram system.
Respawn time of elemental mini bosses in Acheron Debenter has been decreased from 6 hours to 2hours, and their drop was changed.
Now they can drop a random count of an elemental symbol (1 to 5) and with lower chance Errtel of radiance. Errtel will be with the same elemental, the same elemental, as the boss you have killed.
The chance of level increase till +6 now is 100%. +7 and higher 70%-50%depends on your type of Errtel.
Changed count of necessary elemental runes to increase level of the errtels option. For the first level, you will need 1 Elemental rune, for second level 2 Elemental rune e.t.c.
Now you can buy it from Devias NPC for zen. More about the elemental system you can read here.

Changes in Rising Hero system. Amounts for RUUD resets were increased. Now you will obtain 10000 RUUD instead 5000.
From White Wizard will drop random number of Jewel of Bless. From 1 to 10.
Added a small chance of receiving jewels from high-level monsters. (farm zones from Deep Dungeon and higher)
/pkclear command now costs 10kk per 1 kill.
Asteroth spawn time now is 21:15 instead of 21:05. Now you can go to Chaos Castle and be sure, that you won't miss it. Also, Astherot became stronger now.
From now on, Potion girl also has a scroll of Gray obvilion. This scroll resets all your 3rd master skill tree. Also now you can sell these scrolls back to NPC, if you bought the wrong one.
SD regeneration now must work properly outside of the safe zone.

Due to the high activity on Majesty levels, we opened the second floor of Kubera Mine. Enter is in the green gate.
Also for the players, who were afraid of being killed on majestic levels afk farm, Deep dungeon level 1 opened its doors, which is non-pvp now.
Changes in VIP arena spots. Now last spot is Bahamut of Abyss monsters, and Dead diggers were replaced by Dear Porter.
Some spots in Raklion and Karutan and a few warp gate issues were fixed.

Added the next 50 quests. Now you will receive more stats points and better prizes.

We would like to say, that Doppelganger event is out in this update but.. no. Unfortunately, in test mode,we found several bugs with customizing rewards.ButDoppelganger event and its settings are already done, just waiting when developers will fix several bugs.
15.05.20 Update #4
Improvements and new features:
Kalima 7 receives new life. Now in this map you can find spots, and from monsters you can find Jewel of Guardian and with little chance, non-excellent items of Necklace of Agony, Solid Symbol, Ring of Ultimatum, Ring of Block, Protection Ring. Excellent variations of these items you will be able to find in Doppelganger event soon.
Also finally, Crywolf map receives spots and Fenrir parts in drop.
To decrease lags in Blood Castle and Devil Square, we took out from zen drop. This should increase performance and we hope, reduce the number of disconnects from these events.
In Blood castle a little bit increased the chance of drop excellent items.
Now in a safe zone before events (Blood Castle, Devil Square, Chaos Castle) all classes receive the opportunity to use their buffs.

Meet the most powerful boss in our MUX Legend world - Asteroth! He will attack Devias entrance every day at 21:05. From him, you will be able to get Purple Chaos box (best excellent PvP items), but if you catch the luck - excellent earings.

We are continuing to work with balance. As always, about changes, you can read here.

Next update:
25 May at 17:00 will starting"Rising Hero" system.

Please run launcher to receive auto-update. If you have a problem with the launcher, you can download our patch here.
08.05.20 Update #3

Prime x5000 server opened its doors almost one month ago, and if you missed the opening, now it is the perfect time to start playing.

All new characters upon creation now receive a +20% experience buff for 7 days and 2000 additional stat points that will last you for the first 10 resets.
Server Prime now has a one-off discount on a VIP account - if you have never purchased VIP, then at the first purchase it will cost you 300 bonuses instead of 400 for 30 days.

Call your friends and do not forget to use the referral reward system. You can get your referral link in your account on the website.

When your referral donates bonuses, you and your referral will receive an additional + 10% of the transfer amount, but no more than 200 bonuses per person. You can track the amount of bonuses earned from each referral in your account in the referrals section.

Resolved problem with quest bug. Now your quests won't be skipped or rollback.
Ruud shop for Slayers. Now all items in stock.
List of ancient items from Dungeon monsters. Also fixed problem with very low % of luck on these items.
Fixed some warps levels.
Bloody Orc boss now must have an announcement about respawn.

Improvements and new features:
Rising Hero system. This is one of the main features of this server, which fully answers the question - what to do after a maximum reset and majestic level. Rising Hero system allows you to choose, what your character needs most. Additional buff for PvE and PvP adventures, more RUUD, or try luck In lottery. Also RH system increases the strength of your guild and expands its influence on the server. More about it you can read here.

Added new 50 quests. Now you will receive more stats points and better prizes.
Rune wizards and Slayers now can wear new items. For rune wizard it's Legendary set, and for Slayer it's Dragon set. This has made because these two classes have only 4 excellent sets and 1 ancient set.
The imperial guardian event has some changes. The power of monsters has been increased to 20% and time of rounds decreased from 5 minutes to 3.
Increasing defense and HP of Blood Castle gates and Statue.
Website item craft system is working now. More about it you can read here.
Added feature of nickname change.

We are on the right way of creating a balance between classes. After the last balance patch, we have made some improvements. This time we have more buffs then nerfs. More about balance changes you can read here.
Also now the price of reset stats on the website is 0 bonuses.

Next update:
In the next update, we will continue to improve balance, fix some little bugs and make improvements. There will be Rising Hero system, improvements of some prizes and boxes, the return of the Doppelganger, and other stuff.