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The new Angel x50 server has been launched on February 23rd!
We don't make any wipes at all. Your items will always be with you.
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​Reworked Party Matching to resolve general issues with the system.
Few fixesfrom the "Imperial Guardian" event. When gates sometimes do not appear and players getting unexpectedly kicked from the event.
Odd issues where monsters and players rarely and randomly may disappear from view.
Fixed the issue, when AoE skills sometime can't hit the monsters. Especially Rune Wizard "Lightning Storm" skill.
Some issues of visual, like the wrong description on some ancient sets, pentagrams and not working additional options on the items.
Fixed some non-working gates, and some spots were moved a littlefurtherfrom the gates.
Added a new limit for the /offlevel and /offtrade. Limit for the running clients is the same - 3 per PC. Additionally, now you can run only 3 /offlevel or /offtrade accounts.

About balance. These changes apply to x50 and x100 servers. x5000 server receive changes soon. x100 also receive PvE changes, which have been applied for the x50 before start.
Due to the PvP tests, adjustments were made in the PvP damage between classes.
Some changes for the excellent and mastery sets also have been done.
Extra 1% dmg on the mastery +15 itemshave been replaced with the extra 1% of damage decrease. During the tests,these changes showed improvements in the balance between "Mastery vs Mastery" and "Mastery vs Excellent" sets.
Last time we changed the grades and count of the "Set bonus", to increase the value of higher sets. This time we changed the amount of "resistance" on the levels +14 and +15. Now it depends on the grades. More about this you can read here

We believe, that these changes will improve the gaming experience and will finally close the balance question. In case necessary we will be able to make double tests of specific class against other specific class, but we hope, that we won't need any big changes.

Due to the unexpected time of the server maintenance, this isn't a full version of the update. During the next few days some changes will appear on the server, and news will be additionally updated.

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The new MUX Legend Angel x50 server is now open! Welcome and have fun!

Angel x50 - New mid-rate with all our special stuff, including Chaos Soul system, reworked Quest and Achievement systems, and all other exclusive customs, which you won't find on other Season 18 servers.

Big changes in the Castle Siege. Now, in addition to the winner of the castle, the second place will be determined - the guild with the most seconds on the active crown during the siege. Castle owners will receive 60% of the castle treasury, second place 40% of the treasury. In addition to the treasury, we assign a prize fund from the administration in the amount of $5,000. Each siege, until the prize pool is exhausted, the winner will receive 4000 bonuses, the guild runner-up 2000 bonuses.
In case, if the winner guild defends their castle, and the offensive guild destroyed the upper statue, the offensive guild will receive a special buff for the next castle siege event.

The achievement system covers all aspects of gameplay, including world exploration, PvE, PvP, events, craft, and trading. For completing achievements, players are rewarded with a special buff and valuable prizes. Detailed information about changes you can find here.

Consecutive in-game Quest System with more than 299+ missions. For competing tasks, you receive Zen, Wcoins, Jewels, loot boxes, RUUD, and additional stat points.

Set Bonus - MUX Legend special exclusive custom - permanent buff on your character that benefits from the items you are wearing. buff is calculated from 7 item slots: helm, armor, pants, boots, gloves, weapons, and shield. More about the "set bonus" buff you can read here.

Guild quests - event in which participate all guilds are on the server. Receive items, boxes and make your guild stronger with a special "Guild buff" with different levels. More about this system you can read here.

Server opening times:

12:00 UTC -3 (Brazil, Argentina)
16:00 UTC +1 (UK)
17:00 UTC +2 (Poland, Spain, Hungary, Czechia)
18:00 UTC +3 (East Europe, Greece, Turkey)
22:00 UTC +7 (Vietnam, Thailand)
23:00 UTC +8 (Philippines)

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Main facts about our project here.
Our game worlds feature full list you can find here.
Full information about the server, more detailed changes, and reset table you can find here.

New server Angel x50 will launch on February 23 at 18:00!

Update 21.02

These changes currently will be available only on the Angel x50 server.
After deep PvE tests, have been balancing characters and skill formulas. Some classes have been nerfed, some receive boosts. Now the difference between the lowest damage and highest damage classes is lower.
Changes in the "Set bonus" feature. Now calculations became much clearer. Slightly increased differences between tiers, which can motivate completing a better tier set or trying to find items with a higher amount of excellent options. Changes also affect on the Mastery sets. Detailed information about "Set Bonus" you can find here.

Our plans for February and March. Will be carried out final and very deep PvP tests. First, Angel x50 and Sega x100 servers will receive a new PvP balance. Along with this, Sega receives an updated PvE and "set bonus" balance too.
After that, the Prime x5000 server will finally receive all current actual formulas of balance in PvE, PvP, quest system, achievement, and "Set bonus" buffs. This will be a great birthday gift for our Prime server, which was launched 3 years back in April on Season 15!

Some changes:
On the Lightbringer sword has been changed skill. Now it's a Cyclone.
Illusion Knight received his MUX weapon - Night's Edge.
Slightly increased requirements for the Mastery weapons.
Now "Chaos soul" will drop right under the monster, together with other items.
Added a new elf skill - Dex booster. This skill increases your movement and attack speed. This skill you can buy in the RUUD shop.
Removing the ability to wear Curse wings for the Dark Lord.
The amount of zen from the "Box of Luck" decreased to 10kk.
Some visual fixes.

Please run your launcher to receive auto-update.
07.02.23 Season 18
MUX Legend Season 18
We have successfully migrated to Season 18. To enter the game, you will need to download a new game client and run the launcher, to receive all necessary files.
This year we're moved to the new season much earlier than usual, so some new features of Season 18 will be available later when we will be sure, that they're bug-free.
The new season brings us a new character - Illusion Knight. Illusion Knight is a combination of the Magic Gladiator and Slayer, which uses a blade and has long-range attacks. More about his items, skills, etc you can read here.

Renew the imperial guardian. event. Changes are pretty enjoyable. Now no need to create a party for the entrance, just right-click on the event ticket and that's it. Also after all monsters all killed, you don't need to wait for portal creation.

About new "Apocalypse" mastery sets, "Brilliant" weapons, and Shining Tail guardian pets. I think a lot of players can agree, that another tier of these items is just not necessary. So we decide to make a new "dressing room". There you can upgrade your Brilliant set to the Apocalypse, Manticore weapon to the Brilliant, and Pierce Lion to the Shining tails. haracteristics of these items are absolutely the same. Basically, we can name it - paid skins. The service will be open this week. All functionality for the new class will be added to the website soon.

One of the pleasant changes in this season - increasing FPS stability. in direct comparison, there is growing in the average FPS for about 3-4.

Things that will be added during the month - Spider Artifact system and Boss together battle. Together with this one, will be new changes and gameplay improvements.

With this migration, we're finally entirely free to back to improving the server and website. Stay tuned!

Update 13.02

Fixed issues like wrong displayed defense, and not available trade with some items, like Varka Entrance, IK skills, and some others.
Removed old quests 264-270 due to the changes in the Imperial fortress. Now players join the random room, so quests with bosses were removed and changed to the other ones.
Fixed the wrong amount of the Elemental runes from the Elemental capsules.
Elemental runes were removed from the Kehrs ogre. You can buy them from the Devias NPC.
Now in Devil Square added Chaos Soul items as a special reward.
Changed the digits of the Radiance options. Now, the most burst will give a level of +7 and higher. Information about this upgraded here.
Fixed the issue when some characters can't pass the 4th quest.
Fixed issues with some skills, like the combo, chaos blade, and some others.

Please run your launcher to receive auto-update.
16.12.22 Minor update
Dark Wizard and Light Wizard now can use in teleport only the following skills: Ice, Poison, and Lighting.
Red Dragons now spawn much more randomly. You can find them around the towns.
Grow lancers skills Obsidian and Circle shield buffs now have longer duration time.
On server Sega, added a temporary restriction to the closing BC earlier than 5 minutes before the event ends.
Red Smoke Icarus spots receive 2 additional monsters per each spot.
Changes in the Pandora Mining system. Now you can obtain not only Jewel of Bless, but also Jewel of Soul and Jewel of Life.
Detailed information about "Pandora Mining" system you can read here.

Fixed Shining Peak range in Majestic version.
Acheron Guardian fixed and back. Find the tower, destroy it and receive a Purple Chaos box. Event time - 19:15.
Adding the PVP options on the Light Wizard sets.
A few spots in Swamp in Darkness were set improperly.

Please run your launcher to receive auto-update.