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Easy start for new players on our Antares x1000 server!
We don't make any wipes at all. Your items will always be with you.
Latest update patcher is always available here.
Merging of the Prime and Medea has been done!

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We are glad to finally make an announcement and say - Legends arena is open now!

Legends arena - the new period in your MU Online adventure on our server. After a devastating war, this ancient arena wasn't available for players, because the entrance was blocked and ruined. Now our mages found out, how to teleport new warriors there and now every player can visit this place. There you can participate in new event - War of Legends. More about new Legends arena you can read here.

War of Legends our permanent event for solo players and guilds, which concentrates on killing bosses in the Legends Arena. More about this event you can read here.

Also, we have two great fixes.
Issue with chance of getting luck option, after crafting Blood angel items with Ancient hero soul. Now the chance of getting Luck on this item is much higher.
Issue, when Rage fighter attacked other players with skill Dark Side in afk mode on Mu Helper. Now Rage fighters won't attack anyone in this case.

Please run launcher to receive an auto-update. If you have a problem with the launcher, you can download our patch here.
30.10.20 Update #10
After long tests with weapons and monsters, we choose to totally disabled durability decreasing on sets and weapons. So this will save a lot of zen, especially on high-defensive monsters. Instead of it, we've increased the cost of Mu Helper.
Improvements in PvP and PvE balance. Some classes receive more damage on certain skills, some classes now have less damage on certain skills.
Changed requirements of agility, to receive 1 speed. Now it looks like this:

Dark wizard: need 30 agility to reach 1 attack speed
Dark knight: need 50 agility to reach 1 attack speed
Fairy elf: need 65 agility to reach 1 attack speed
Magic gladiator: need 50 agility to reach 1 attack speed
Dark Lord: need 50 agility to reach 1 attack speed
Summoner: need 60 agility to reach 1 attack speed
Rage fighter: need 40 agility to reach 1 attack speed
Grow lancer: need 60 agility to reach 1 attack speed
Rune wizard: need 35 agility to reach 1 attack speed
Slayer: need 45 agility to reach 1 attack speed

All classes received an extra amount of HP. For 1 vitality point, your class receive 15-20% more HP. Now it's works only on Loren deep and Crywolf maps, but next week after the update, this will start to work on the whole server.

Fixed counts of Zaikan on Loreen deep event. Now at 18:00, 18:05 and 18:10 Zaikan appears with a 100% chance.
Some minor bugfixes.

The function of auto-renewal and automatic price reduction after lot expiration has been added to the market. By enabling this feature, your lot will be automatically renewed every week, and the price will be reduced by 20%, thereby the item will remain on the market for much longer. The price can be reduced up to 10 times, or until it reaches the minimum value, after which the lot will be closed. This should go a long way towards selling items that don't want to sell.
Also about the website. All problems with an item displaywill be fixed in November.

But the main part of this update will be next week, with the server maintenance. New exclusive map for our new event Stay tuned!
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We are pleased to announce that Medea x100 world is expanding - an additional server is being launched. The server does not have most of the events and bosses, and access to some locations is limited. For the most part, the server is designed for leveling. Subserver should slightly offload the main server and improve the quality of the game. Detailed information can be found here.

Also, we added xtremetop voting option, so now you can vote 2 times and receive 2 extra bonuses per day.

Update: we make some changes with formulas and balance. More about all of this stuff you can read here.

For the past half a year of project work, we have done a very large amount of work. Thanks to everyone, who played, plays, and will play with us.
Some details about our project statistics. On the Prime x5000 server 14610 accounts were registered, on the Website market, more than 7 thousands of items were sold, for the price of more than 300 thousand bonuses and zen turnover achieved 2.5 trillion. 5 different guilds conquered castle on the Castle siege event. These statistics show how active and competitive our first server turned out. After making corrections, we want to make a step forward.

We will continue to make gameplay aspects closer to the ideal and implementing exclusive customs, no one else will ever have. Because our server is a special one and differs from the other. Hope you will appreciate our labors.

Medea x100 - Server with medium experience rate, our unique "Set bonus" system, a brand new event - War of Legends and Quest system.

"Set Bonus" - MUX Legend special exclusive custom - temporary buff on your character that benefits from the items you are wearing.
Finally on MU Online server was founded the real good balance between Excellent, Socket, and Mastery sets. More about "Set bonus" buff you can read here.

War of Legends - our permanent event for players, which concentrates on killing bosses in Legends Arena. More information about this event will be soon.

Consecutive in-game Quest System with more than 275+ missions, and more quests coming soon. For competing tasks, you receive Zen, Wcoins, Jewels, loot boxes, RUUD, and additional stat points.

Main facts about our project here.
Our game worlds features full list you can find here.
Full information about server with reset table you can find here.

New server Medea x100 was opened on September 24th!
15.09.20 Update #9
We are starting to add some things, that we disabled at the start.

Pandora Mining system. If you are tired of fighting with players and monsters, you can pick up a pick and test your luck!
Pandora pick is all about the luck. So you can find the Pandora Pick with little chance in drop from Box of Luck. More about this system here.

Arka war. This is a big Guild vs Guild event, where you can earn "Trophy of battle" and exchange it to different prizes. Also, the winning guild receives extra buffs. The event will take a place at the 20:30 on Tuesday. More information about this event will be published soon.

We are opening to suggestions about the Illusion temple event. We wanna see there good PvP action, where real players are fighting, not just party vs fictitious party to earn benefits. Our suggestion - only 1 time per day, ticket can't be traded or this ticket will have a duration for 24 hours, and before the event, only 2 weak monsters appear somewhere, which can kill any player. What do you think?

About balance. Some minor changes for different classes, but big changes for Summoners.

Significantly increased power of skills Berserker, Aqua beast, and Fire beast. Instead of that, Deathside skill has reduced their power. But skill Darkness now gives more defense. So now the variability of the summoner is much better.
Changed formula of Reflect skill, and now it can give you a maximum 15% of reflect. More about this decision will be below.
Changed Fairy elf skill "Increase damage". Now the power of this skill depends on the class, so there won't be that situation when Dark Lord class received more than 60% extra damage, but Soul master only about 10-15%. Now all classes receive about the same gain of power.
In the future, the same mechanic will be applied to all the other buffs. This makes PvP much better when in the first place will be class own abilities, not just count of other classes buffs.
When it will be applied, reflect for summoner will be higher than 15%, but for other classes, these digits will be lower.

Now you can buy an empty sphere in Devias shop NPC, for a price of 60kk zen. This must increase the value of zen, and make socket sets a little bit more accessible.

Added new 25 quests. Full list of Quest System you can find here.