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The new Angel x50 server has been launched on February 23rd!
We don't make any wipes at all. Your items will always be with you.
Latest update patcher is always available here.

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Fixed problem with the game server crash.
Resolved problem with "Set Bonus" for Light Wizard and Lemuria Mage classes.
The issue with limits for the events was also fixed.
Fixed problem, when items didn't drop from an elemental monster
And fixed some other minor problems.

Added new upgrade services on the website.
Now you can upgrade your Guardian pets and earrings, and items will stay with the same options.
With the help of the "Ring upgrader" item, now you can increase the level of your "defensive" rings.
Zen which you're received from the personal store trading, now you will receive via a "Gremory Case"

Please run your launcher to receive auto-update.
If you have a problem with the launcher, please use patcher to upgrade client manually.
This is necessary to enter the game.

Magic x1000 - New high rate MU Online server with our new Ashy Aida event, achievement system, and all other exclusive customs, which you won't find on other season 17 servers.

Ashy Aida event is a special Gens PvP map, where you will be able to obtain extremely great items. Fighting with other players for your Gens ranking and Ashy points, to reach a higher ranking number on the website and receive the best items. Collect ingredients and craft your own Demon or Spirit guardian pet. More about this event you can read here.

The achievement system covers all aspects of gameplay, including world exploration, PvE, PvP, events, craft, and trading. For completing, achievements players are rewarded with bonuses and achievement points.
These points increase your Buff level. The higher the level, the stronger the characters on your account become. Information about your buff level can be found here.

"Set Bonus" - MUX Legend special exclusive custom - temporary buff on your character that benefits from the items you are wearing.
Finally on the MUX Legend server was founded a real good balance between Excellent, Socket, and Mastery sets. More about "Set bonus" buff you can read here.

War of Legends - our permanent event for players, which concentrates on killing bosses in Legends Arena. Fighting for bosses allows players to earn special "Arena points" which will give them the opportunity to spend them in the "Arena points" store, to buy the best in-game boxes.

Consecutive in-game Quest System with more than 299+ missions. For competing tasks, you receive Zen, Wcoins, Jewels, loot boxes, RUUD, and additional stat points.

Guild quests - event in which participate all guilds are on the server. Receive items, boxes and make your guild stronger with a special "Guild buff" with different levels. More about this system you can read here.

Main facts about our project here.
Our game worlds features full list you can find here.
Full information about server with reset table you can find here.

New server Magic x1000 will launch on May 5 at 18:00!

Server opening times:

12:00 UTC -3 (Brazil, Argentina)
16:00 UTC +1 (UK)
17:00 UTC +2 (Spain, Poland, Hungary, Czechia)
18:00 UTC +3 (East Europe, Greece, Turkey)
22:00 UTC +7 (Vietnam, Thailand)
23:00 UTC +8 (Philippines)

Participate in our Facebook Bonuses Giveaway and get a chance to win 300 Website bonuses! Winners will be selected randomly on May 12th.

The advertising campaign is unprecedented. We are planning to attract a multitude of new players and significantly increase our MUX Legend community.
18.04.22 Fixes
This update is not about gameplay experience, it's about bug fixes.
List of main fixes:
Harmony options didn't work bug.
Missing of the Harmony options.
A problem when Guardian pets can disappear.
Bug when at the same time can be used guardian pet + other mountable pets.
The Party search system didn't work properly in some cases.
Wrong calculation of the Magic books for White Wizard
Normal Elemental capsule bug
PVP defense increase wrong formula in the Master skill tree.
Some visual problems & few vulnerabilities

Please run your launcher to receive auto-update.
If you have a problem with the launcher, please use patcher to upgrade client manually.
This is necessary to enter the game.
MUX Legend Season 17
We have successfully migrated to Season 17. To enter the game, you will need to download a new game client.
The main and most important changes in this version are 2 new classes - White Mage & Lemuria Mage

The part of the sets are received a new grade, and because of that, we made some changes in drop from the boxes. Now drop of all Tiers are more equal between the boxes, as well as Tier progress for each class.

Reworked all drops of the basic items in the game. For example, all sets, weapons, and shields from Tier 1, will drop only in the first locations, but items from Tier 8 will drop only in the latest locations. Also, fixed many wrong displayed name items. Perhaps, this isn't an important change for the gameplay, but we want, so on our server, all will be pretty and understandable, especially for players, which will be trying to play on our server for the first time.
With the table of new grades and new drop, you can check out in this topic

The same as with the sets were reworked all weapons in the game. Now their grade, speed, and damage are goes evenly. Tier 8 of the basic Excellent weapons, now has the same parameters, as the first Tier 1 Mastery weapons.
Changes in the Mastery Tier weapons. Each new tier gives a noticeable increase in damage. but we can't increase these parameters each time, it will be too high damage. Given a large amount of investment required to reach Tier 6, we decided to downgrade all mastery weapons by 1 tier. Now Tier 6 weapons are new weapons from Season 17 - Manticore. MUX Legend weapons are still Tier 7.
For more information about changes, you can check out in this topic.

For increasing the value of the "Ignore Defense" option, we removed it from the Master Skill Tree. Now pair of the earring and this option on the wings will increase the value of these items.
From x-shop were removed a pets - Demon & Guardian angel. They will return to them later, but already in the updated and more balanced form.
The cost of the SD potion in "Arena points store" increased by 2 times. SD potion must be an important part of PVP, but not when most players every time have a few hundred of them.
New map Ashen Aida will be added later. We invite everyone to the discussion about it in this topic.
And a lot of other minor changes.

On April 1, our project turns 2 years old. In these 2 years, a huge amount of work has been done. We want to thank every player, who chose MUX Legend server!
16.03.22 Season 17
March 31th at 15:00 server maintenance will be conducted. Gaming worlds will be unavailable for ~2-3 hours.
We will migrate our Prime and Dune server to Season 17 version.

You already can download a new game client.

Please take note, that you will be able to connect to the game only with this new game client.