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Easy start for new players on the server Medea x100.
We don't make any wipes at all. Your items will always be with you.
Latest update patcher is always available here.

04.02.21 Update #15
In Craft system were added a new pet - Fenrir of illusion. In counterweight of Ghost horse, now this will be the most powerful attack pet. Like Blue Fenrir, he has "Absorb damage +10%", and like Black Fenrir, but much better "Final damage +20%". Create this Fenrir you can with help of the Craft system on our website. The formula of creation you can read here.

Because of the new Fenrir of illusion pet in-game, we have made some changes with Ghost horse. Now this is the best defensive pet, and defense here surpasses Blue Fenrir(defense adding option), and at the same time, increasing damage, but less than Black Fenrir(DMG per level option). Also, Ghost horse has the 3rd important option - 3% chance of restore some amount of HP. But this option working with a bug, so this option is not working now. The fix of this option is only in season 16. So only when we migrate to the new season, this option will return to the game.

Changes in Socket items drop. Socket items box now will give 5 items+luck, instead of 3 earlier. Also, this box now will drop only from Selupan boss in Raklion. 
Now Socket items thief monster will spawn only in Raklion, and each hour will spawn 4 at once. So now the chance of obtained Socket items are increased for all players, the value of Selpuan boss was increased, and Raklion map now will be a little more active.

Medusa and Lord of Ferea now receive a new drop.

Lored of Ferea now is boss, from which drops Rage earrings. Because the time of this boss isn't static, this will increase the chance of killing him among fewer hardcore players.
Some options on earrings have been improved, and now earrings are valuable items. 
Instead of earrings from Asteroth, as an exclusive drop, we will soon add something very interesting and really exclusive. 
In turn from Medusa boss now will drop only rings and pendants (sometimes 2 items, in rare cases 3 items).
This does not only increase ways of obtaining these items but also, if taken in mind earrings, give an opportunity to more active increase their levels.
In drop was added Water pendant, as an alternative for only physical damage on Ability pendant. 

Positive changes with Event inventory. Now all winning prizes for mini-games, Evomun, and Elemental box will drop right in your basic inventory. 
Now the maximum time of /offtrade function is 5 days.
Server Medea is only almost halfyear, but only a little bit more than 10 players receive 200 Majestic levels. So we increase Majestic level experience, so players can faster reach maximum Majestic level, and less time stays on spots in AFK mode for days.

Long-awaited changes in the PK clear system:

Clearing each kill will cost you 25kk Zen (12.5kk for Prime)
After you've made a kill, you will be able to make command /pkclear only after 3 minutes.
After you've made /pkclear command, you receive a cool down for 1 hour.
The limit for PK is 30.

Finally, all annoying notifications about killed some golden monsters were removed. We added a new notification system, which will show only golden monsters +2 and higher, and make a notification about spawning some bosses, include bosses from Legends Arena.
Increased limit of the entrance to the Blood castle, Devil square, and Chaos castle till 6.
On server Prime was added service for adding "Damage Decrease" and " Exc. Damage Rate options. Also removed limit for quests.

In mini-game "MuRummy" now needs to receive 350 points for the advanced box. Advanced box now will give you 1000 RUUD.
29.12.20 Update #14
We are aware that MU Helper is considered as a part of a modern game, yet considering the fact, that every set up to Tier 7 can be collected, in fact, without any activity, the decision was made to fully remove from drop all the excellent items, starting from Tier 4 and higher. This will influence server economics positively and will increase the competitive moment in boss battles. 
Also, Set Bonus presence stimulates to find a set with a better grade. The location of all the items in drop made first grade sets completely invaluable, while the fact of the drop of the high-grade items from monsters, hardly lowered the value of fights against strong monsters.
Also, we would like to remind you, that in the Arena points store, you can buy all the boxes with items for Arena points, which are given for killing bosses and other mobs on the Legends arena.

As a replacement for the removed from drop items, we increased three times the number of Golden lizard kings & Golden Tantalos.
Respawn time of Nightmare, Erohim, Lord of Kundun, Nix, and God of Darkness bosses, reduced twice. Firstly, it will partially compensate for removing these items from the drop, secondly, it will make it more difficult to track the respawn time of these bosses.
The drop rate of Jewel of chaos decreased significantly.
From now on, from one PC, only 3 clients can be launched.

The Evomon system has been introduced into the game. 
​​​​​​​By killing the Evomon monster, you will have the opportunity to win items, that will help you to improve your socket items, as well as win TOCA too. 
In addition, a weekly rating was added on the website, in which players will be able to receive bonuses.

Added 3 new languages - Vietnamese, Philipino, and Spanish. 
New service Lottery. There you can exchange some of the prizes, which you have won in in-game Moss lottery. 
New Evomon ranking.

Fixed problem with PVP options on sets tier 8.
Some skills, which not worked in safe zones before events, now is fixed.
Fixed wrong displayed digits of Intermediate spirit stone in Chaos machine.
Now in Legend Arena all monsters receive their drop.
The problem with Maze of dimension will be fixed in the future, and at the same time, the concept of this event will be changed towards the rankings

Improvements and changes:
On mastery weapons, the options Dmg increased by xx / 20 lvl & Increased by dmg xx was improved. These options are tied to the item grade, and therefore the better the mastery weapon, then the stronger these options will be.
Changed grades of mastery weapons. Grade for Bloodangel weapon is still 150, but now every next evolution will give +10 grade, instead of +4 grade. 
All these changes will raise the incentive to improve your weapon.

A little improvements in the Master skill tree. Options Increase maximum HP & Increase stats (Strength, Agility, Vitality, Energy) was increased 2 times.
Increase maximum SD option was increased 2.5 times.
Options Restore all SD & Restore all HP was decreased from 2% to 1%

Bloody Golem in Vulcanus now will spawn in the 3 different places at the same time. The new places of spawns soon will be added in information. 
Elemental TOCA was added to the Normal capsule.
Changed time on Loren Deep on Medea server. Now it will run at 18:35.
Are of Elite Scorched wizard now is much bigger.
Changed Witch queen Aida respawn. Not he won't respawn in the same place.
Added opportunity to trading with elixirs from Legends Arena bosses.
From Zen Lottery removed Socket box & Ghost horse seal items.

Update: 18.01
We adding temporary changes in /pkclear system.

1) /pkclear cost increases x2 - now it's 20kk.
2) Maximum PK level now is 25. That means, that you can't kill anyone if you have 25 kills. You need to use /pkclear command or hunting on monsters.
This changes only for Medea server.

Update: 25.01
Decreased power of Death stab skill
16.12.20 New year events
New year events is opened on the forum now, we invite everyone to participate!

Winter screenshots contest 2021 - here.
New year with MUX Legend 2021 - here.
New year avatars - here.

Added new rule 4.19. The purpose of that is to fight the black market and protect players from various machinations.
Also we would like to remind, that buyingselling items for real money is forbidden.

In this month we will launch one more update, which includes some bug fixes, gameplay improvement e.t.c.
In next year we will continue to work with Season 15 and gameplay, and after that, will make the transfer to the Season 16.

Right now Season 16 is only in beta-test. Transfer to the new season will be only when it won't have any serious bugs and will work stable.
02.12.20 Events schedule
We have almost 3000 active players every day, from more than 50 different countries. Our players living in different time zones, so we have reworked our events schedule after analyzed poll results and statistics.
Full actual events time you can read here.

The new events schedule will start from Friday.

Update: due high activity with voting bonuses rewards, we add new voting requirements. This will help not only prevents voting farms, but also makes help to the new and old players, starting to making quest in the quest system. Read about new voting requirements you can here.
30.11.20 Update #13
We're happy to announce, that we don't have any bug skills, or one-hit pvp between any classes, so we won't touch balance globally anymore. But next week we will watch the situation around PvP, and if this will be necessary, will make some hotfixes.
This update is all about PvP and skills.
Read more about changes and how works PvP in MU Online, you can here.

Change class service is ready and will be launched on November 30th.

In the next update, we will figure mostly on PvE, events, gameplay process, and bugfixes. 

Please run launcher to receive an auto-update. If you have a problem with the launcher, you can download our patch here