The new Apollo x200 server will launch on May 9th!
We don't make any wipes at all. Your items will always be with you.
Latest update patcher is always available here.
If you see squares in-game, instead of letters, install this font.

Apollo x200 - This new mid-rate server with a dynamic experience and all our MUX Legend unique features, including Quest and Achievement systems, Set Bonus, and unique balance, which you won't find on other Season 19 servers.

Reworked balance - unique settings, has been reached after rework of almost all gameplay moments and items. Evolve your character and improve your equipment step by step!

The achievement system covers all aspects of gameplay, including world exploration, PvE, PvP, events, craft, and trading. For completing achievements, players are rewarded with a special buff and valuable prizes. Detailed information about changes can be found here.

Set Bonus - MUX Legend special exclusive custom - permanent buff on your character that benefits from the items you are wearing. buff is calculated from 7 item slots: helm, armor, pants, boots, gloves, weapons, and shield. More about the "set bonus" buff you can read here.

Consecutive in-game Quest System with 300 missions. For competing tasks, you receive Zen, Wcoins, Jewels, loot boxes, RUUD, and additional stat points.

Big changes in the Castle Siege. Castle owners will receive 60% of the castle treasury, second place 40% of the treasury. Castle treasury collects a 3% tax from all trading on the website. In case, if the winning guild defends their castle, the offensive guilds will receive a special buff for the next castle siege event. We are expected to see a hot Castle siege event.

Guild quests - event in which participate all guilds are on the server. Receive items, and boxes and make your guild stronger with a special "Guild buff" with different levels. More about this system you can read here.

Server opening times:

12:00 UTC -3 (Brazil, Argentina)
16:00 UTC +1 (UK)
17:00 UTC +2 (Poland, Spain, Hungary, Czechia)
18:00 UTC +3 (East Europe, Greece, Turkey)
22:00 UTC +7 (Vietnam, Thailand)
23:00 UTC +8 (Philippines)

Participate in the Facebook & YouTube giveaway and have a chance to win 300 bonuses! Info on how to participate is here.

Winners will be chosen randomly on May 16! Bonuses will be sent to any desired server.

Bring your friend to the game and you'll both get 500 bonuses!
Bring your guild from another server and receive bonuses for comfort start!

Main facts about our project here.
Our game worlds feature full list you can find here.
Comprehensive game guide for our servers here.

New server Apollo x200 will launch on May 9 at 18:00!

The long-awaited changes are finally here. Let's start with the "Spider artifact" system.

This system allows you to increase your parameters by adding artifact stones. There are 7 different types of stones, each with several options, which you can upgrade. All craft materials you can find on a new map - "Old Kentothum". Monsters here are stronger than in "Red Smoke Icarus", and you can find new material for the Spider artifact system from them. Detailed information about the new system can be read here .

For players who wanna PvE challenge - a new event "Boss Battle Together". In this event, players compete with each other on how much damage they can deal against bosses, and receive RUUD boxes by dealing the maximum damage against all players, by making the last hit on bosses, or even if you made specific accumulated damage. Detailed information about this event you can read here .

Don't know what to do with your RUUD? Here is the solution - Mastery charm talisman!
Now Priest James selling mastery charm talismans for every tier, from Blood Angel to Brilliant. Now you can upgrade your mastery weapons or set items not only with TOCA's, but also with charm talismans. Blood Angel charm price is not so high, but the price increases with each tier.

Fixed bat flock damage. Due to the change of the formula of the Bat Flock skill last season, now it won't give so big debuff digits. We hope that in future this will be changed.
Resolved issues with pentagrams and a few other items.

Update: 24.04

Because of the new speed caps in season 19, were reworked attack speed values on the gloves, items, and agility stats.

Please run your launcher to receive auto-update and see all in-game changes.
If you have a problem with the launcher, please use Patcher to upgrade the client manually.

MU Online mergeThe time has come, when Dragon and Sega servers residents are going on trip - MUX Legend Dragon and MUX Legend Sega are merging with MUX Legend Prime.

Players from the Dragon and Sega servers will be moved to Prime. Your characters with items, resets, and bonuses will be transferred intact. Merge will happen on 25 April.

Servers will be offline from 15:00 till around 21:00+

Full information regarding all the merge details, full instructions, and recommendations are here.

We've migrated to Season 19. To enter the game, you will need to download a new game client. You can download it here.
We suggest uninstalling the old game client completely (including the launcher on the desktop) and installing a new one.

This time the new Season doesn't bring much new itself, but at the same moment, this is the largest and most important update patch in our history. And it's all about PvE/PvP balance.
Has been edited sets, weapons, options, pets, buffs, and almost all other stuff which affects on the balance.
The detailed description and change log are too big, so you can read them in the next comment of this news on our forum.

Update 29.04
Please run your launcher to receive auto-update and see all in-game changes.
If you have a problem with the launcher, please use Patcher to upgrade the client manually.

Dear MUX Legend community, from all of our administration's members, we wish you a Happy New Year's holiday!

This is one of the coziest and most joyful periods of the Year. And to spread this atmosphere, we have prepared a few contests for you:

New Year with MUX Legend 2024
Screenshot Contest - Clans at their best

Thank you for your faith, love, and support. We want to pay you back with some presents, which you will find on your accounts on New Year's Eve.

We also have a few updates before the New Year's Eve:
In services appears a long-awaited "Disconnect" function. Now you can disconnect the account from the game directly from the website. The function in the test mode.
Also, extended vault pages have been added.

Take a rest, spend time with your family and friends, and let's rush into the upcoming year in full strength together!